Verizon Wireless gets official with shared plans, will have “Share Everything” plans available June 28th

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We had known that Verizon Wireless had some family share plans in the works. And well, as of today the carrier has made an official announcement. The new plans will arrive on June 28th and are dubbed the “Share Everything” plans. True to the name, these new plans will allow users to share everything from minutes to messages to data.

In fact, these new Share Everything plans include unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and even include Mobile Hotspot. Aside from the unlimited shared minutes and messages, the plans will offer varying amounts of data. Verizon will have an option to get the following data levels;

  • 1GB for $50
  • 2GB for $60
  • 4GB for $70
  • 6GB for $80
  • 8GB for $90
  • 10 GB for $100

And remember, these plans will allow up to 10 devices to use these data pools — and that includes data on the smartphone as well as hotspot usage. Otherwise, aside from the charge for the data, there will be a monthly line access fee (per device). These fees break down as follows;

  • Smartphones – $40
  • Basic Phones – $30
  • Jetpacks/USBs/Notebooks/Netbooks – $20
  • Tablets – $10

Finally, the Share Everything plans will be available for both new and existing customers. And nicely done, the existing customers will be able to switch from their current plans without having to extend the current contract.

Via [Yahoo! Finance]

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