Record labels paying students to snitch on other students over piracy

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Record companies are applying a new tactic in their never-ending fight against illegal music downloads. EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner are investing in an anti-piracy group known as “proMedia” in an attempt to seek out individuals involved with music piracy. Big deal, right? Well, the nuance in this case is that the Germany-based company is using students to snitch out other students. According to an anonymous employee at proMedia, the company has employed roughly 35 students to scour the web to find these music criminals.

While countries like New Zealand, France, and the US will soon implement warning notices for illegal downloads, countries like Germany face far more severe penalties. Due to legal developments in the country over the past few years, it has become increasingly easy to take money from file-sharers by threatening to sue. But to see students willingly take out their peers is something I never thought I’d see. I mean, didn’t we learned anything from the ridiculously successful opening weekend for The Avengers?

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