Samsung Galaxy Note spotted at the FCC, possibly for T-Mobile?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note has been available internationally and has been receiving raves from those who have it. But in the US it has yet to become in the spotlight, what with it only available with one carrier at the moment. Well, that might soon become a thing of history since a T-Mobile capable version of the Galaxy Note has been spotted visiting the FCC. With a codename SGH-T879, the spotted Galaxy Note bears support for the 1,700MHz HSPA band which happens to be for T-Mobile 3G.

What’s interesting to note is that the Galaxy Note will also have support for 850MHz and 1,900MHz 3G, hinting at the possibility that other carriers will be bringing it in. According to Engadget, that 1,700MHz wireless support could probably work well for Canadian carriers such as Mobilicity or Wind Mobile. In the meantime, TMOnews has made the link between the T879 and the Galaxy Note, suggesting that demo units of the device are already waiting in time for the July 11 rumored release date of the Galaxy Note. With all these rumors and talks, we wouldn’t be surprise if we wake one day with the Galaxy Note becoming available for sale from T-Mobile soon. Question is – will you still consider getting the Galaxy Note instead of the faster and better spec’d Samsung Galaxy S3?

Via [Engadget]

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