Skype introduces Conversation Ads into Windows client

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In order to make a little more money off of Skype’s free audio calling service, the company decided to integrate ads into the client window.  The ads are known as Conversation Ads that Skype says can catalyze a meaningful conversation, while making a bit of money on the side.

Users without a Skype subscription or Skype credit will see these ads in the 1:1 audio chat window.  An example of the Conversation Ad can be seen in the image above.  Skype will work closely with marketers in order to provide relevant ads that can be discussed in the audio chat.  To perish any thoughts about the ads being overly intrusive or degrading the call quality, Skype informs us that the Conversation Ads will remain silent and not expand.  Also, the call quality will remain the same as before the ads were implemented.

Ads have become a part of every day life and are necessary to keep business operations afloat.  As long as the ads do not interrupt the call or decrease the user experience, I don’t think this will escalate into a big deal.

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