My Xbox LIVE app now available for Android, brings support for “most” 2.2 or later smartphones

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Microsoft has officially released the Xbox companion app for Android. The app, which landed as My Xbox Live brings compatibility for “most” Android 2.2 (or later) smartphones. The catch here, they need to have a screen resolution of WVGA or higher. Otherwise, the My Xbox Live app is available for free, but does require an Xbox Live account to get any use out of it. According to Microsoft, the My Xbox Live app is designed so the user can take their Xbox LIVE experience wherever they go. Probably more to the point here, the My Xbox Live app brings the following features;

  • Track and compare your achievements with your LIVE friends
  • Change up your 3D avatar
  • Message your Xbox LIVE friends
  • Edit your LIVE Profile

In addition, those using the app will be able to get access to their Xbox Spotlight feeds, which means the ability to get breaking news, game tips and tricks, gamer spotlights and “much more.”

Via [Google Play]

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