FilterMania 2 for iPhone brings more image filters than you will probably ever need or use

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Look, many of us enjoy using filters on our iPhone. Some probably like filters a bit more than others though. For that crowd, we suspect that the popular apps such as Camera+, Instagram and the Facebook Camera app just will not cut it. And well, how does having more than 300 available filters sound. Me personally, sounds like more than I need. But if for some reason you are thinking 300 sounds right — you may want to check out the recently released FilterMania 2 app for the iPhone.

The app is available for free, currently sitting at version 1.0 and can be found in the iOS App Store. The FilterMania 2 app requires iOS 4.3 or later for use and touts features such as the ability to layer filter-on-filter, the ability to rotate, move and scale images, change the opacity of the filter, move back and forth through your work and of course — share to popular social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and even Instagram. And for those concerned, the images also save to your camera roll.

Otherwise, some may be worried about filter management and getting lost in the shuffle when you have 300 plus to choose from. Well, to make things a bit easier, the filters are broken down into 20 categories which include;

“Classic, Nature, Light, LightFrames, Descruction, Splits, Frames, Photography, Famous Places, Retro, Rips, Shinnies, Space, Technology, Urban, War & Water”

Finally, while the app is available for free (as of this posting), it does look like it will not be free for all that long. According to the iOS App Store description, FilterMania 2 will be “FREE during launch weekend.” Simply put, if interested — you may want to download this sooner rather than later.

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