Opera Browser version 12 brings new customization options and smart features

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In case some of you might might have forgoten, Opera may be a mobile web browser however it started as a desktop browser and is desktop browser that still exists. In fact, Opera is still continuously developing the desktop which just reached version 12. The updated Opera desktop browser brings in new customization options as well as a couple of new, smarter features which quite frankly, were already introduced by Opera’s rival browsers including Google Chrome. Still, it might be worth mentioning them for the sake of those who remained and are still using Opera as your browser of choice.  So these new features include theme options which are available for download from

In addition, the new Opera 12 now allows apps to use your webcam, provided that you’ve granted permission for the app to do so. Some of these apps that can control your webcam include – Photobooth, Polaroid and FaceKat. For those who think too much about security issues, well Opera 12 has revamped its security badget to make it easier to understand the security and privacy policies of the sites you visit. So you can quickly find out if a web site is tracking your location information or controlling your webcam. Plus these other extra features – plug-ins, faster performance, hardware acceleration, right-to-left text support and five new languages support including Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, and Kazakh. These make the number of languages supported by Opera to 6 as of today.

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