Chameleon, the home screen for Android tablets — back on Kickstarter and ready for your (re)pledging

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The Chameleon, home screen for Android tablets Kickstarter project had some recent issues that caused the project to be taken down from the site. Of course, even as Chameleon was going down, there was the promise that it would return. And well, it looks like the Chameleon project has returned to Kickstarter. And just to clarify, that means those who originally pledged, will need to return and make the pledge once again. That aside though, it looks like Chameleon is off to a good start. Not to mention looking for a bit less money this time around. The previous project was asking for $50,000 (and had met that), however this latest is only asking for $30,000. Of course, a quick check of the Kickstarter page shows they have already met that and then some. At the present time, the Chameleon project has $32,059 in pledges from 2,807 backers with 19 days remaining. That 19 days means a funding date of July 4th. Finally, those interested in backing this one can follow the link below and get in for as low as $1, or, for as low as $5 if you want to get the app once available.

Via [Kickstarter]

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