Evernote for Windows has been updated, arrives at version 4.5.7 with an Activity Stream

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We recently mentioned the Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome update, and well, it looks like the Windows app has joined the recently been updated party. The latest release of Evernote for Windows is version 4.5.7 and it can be found by way of the Evernote website.

This update, according to Evernote, brings “one powerful new feature in particular” — Activity Stream. This can be found by clicking the satellite dish button and once clicked, it will offer a look at what is happening in your Shared Notebooks. This will also include what is happening in notebooks that others have shared with you.

“Each item in the stream includes an icon that illustrates the event, text describing what has occurred with a link to notebook, and the time that Evernote checked for updates.”

The Activity Stream will show goodies such as when a new note has been created, when a note has been deleted and when an edit has been made to an existing note. Keep in mind though, the Activity Stream will only show the most recent update, which means that if multiple updates have been made since your last visit, the stream will only highlight the newest one.

Bottom line here, the Activity Stream sounds like a one-stop shop in terms of seeing what has changed or happened with your Shared Notebooks since you last checked. And if we do say so, it sounds like a fairly powerful tool. Well, that is provided you often work with shared notebooks.

Via [Evernote Blog]

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