Zombies, Run! comes to Android, download from Google Play and prepare to begin running from zombies

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Zombies, Run! has had a rather interesting life cycle up until this point. The mobile game began last year as a Kickstarter project and then was introduced for iOS devices back in March. And well, as of today — those sporting an Android device can get in on the fun. Yup, Zombies, Run! has officially come available for Android. The game can be found in the expected location — Google Play, and has arrived as version 0.9 and with support for Android 2.2 (and later). And nicely done, the price of the Android app matches the iOS price — $7.99.

Anyway, we are fairly certain that may of the GadgeTell readers have at least heard of the Zombies, Run! game at some point. And for those in that crowd — the link at the bottom of this post will take you to Google Play so you can purchase, download and begin running. For those not familiar with Zombies, Run! — the game is described as being “an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure.” Or, a bit simpler, you start the game and run (or walk) from the zombies.

Via [Google Play] and [TNW]

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