Review: Klipsch S4A Image Headphones

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Klipsch S4A Image headphones for Android

Living in a world where most gadgets are “Made for iPhone,” it is refreshing to see a product developed for the many Android phone users out there. Specifically, I am referring to the Klipsch Image S4A headphones, designed to be compatible with devices running Android 2.2 or later.

The headphones, when paired with the Klipsch Control app, provide the ability to customize your music-listening and calling experiences on your phone, which in my case is the HTC EVO.

Downloading the app was simple and fast. Once you access the app, you have general options, including Enable Headset Control, General Settings,  Volume Settings and Button Settings.

After turning the Enable Headset Control option on, the user can set a preference (in General Settings) for which default music app the headphones will recognize when plugged in. I selected Pandora. While this may be a very simple action, I love how intuitive the headphones are, in that all I need to do is plug them into my phone for Pandora to launch.

In Button Settings, users can configure click speeds and customize what types of clicks (single click, double click) will play/pause music, skip to next track, answer/end calls, etc., all of which worked exactly as programmed.

The volume “click” or “long press” was not customizable. I found that when “long pressing,” the volume increased considerably before decreasing (when I wanted it to decrease initially). I would suggest that the increase/decrease volume options be customized, if possible, in future releases.

I found the sound to be truly noise-isolating, as the company advertises (I missed some phone calls at my desk because I could not hear the phone ring, and I don’t believe I had the volume cranked all that loud). While I would characterize the sound as powerful, I would not say that it is harsh. Music was crisp, encompassing and enjoyable.

Additional features include Voice Search and Voice Command, which help with a hands-free lifestyle. I would recommend this product to people on the go, who can stash the phone in a bag (like you would an iPod or mp3 device) while still maintaining full functionality of their phones.

The headphones come with various size ear tips and a carrying case. They sell for $99.99 on the Klipsch website (and other retail locations), which struck me as a bit high for the average consumer. As a result, these headphones may be more attractive to an audiophile looking for a portable solution.

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