GadgeTell Review: Casellet Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4S

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Up for review is another wallet case made for the iPhone 4/4S. There’s probably more than a dozen of these types of cases and you might wonder if there is still a need for one more. Well, there’s no harm in looking at another one of these types of cases – so here we go. The case in review is called the Casellet Wallet Case for iPhone 4/4S. Casellet is the name of the manufacturer of these iPhone cases in case you’ll ask.

The Product
As mentioned, it’s an iPhone 4/4S case that doubles up as a wallet. As such, you can place your cards and paper bills in one part of the case while it holds and protects your iPhone. According to Casellet, this case is slim, sleek and sexy. While I may agree with the case being sleek and sexy, I will have to disagree on being slim. You’ll find out why if you jump into the details section of this review.

The Details
So, as a protective case for your iPhone 4/4S, the Casellet wallet case pretty much performs its purpose. It is made of high quality polycarbonate material which can pretty much guarantee that your iPhone will be unscathed in case of accidental bumps and falls. The case has a brushed aluminum backing with etched logo which adds a bit of style and uniqueness to the case. It is made of two adjoining parts – the one used for holding your iPhone and the back part is where you put your cards and paper bills. Inside the second part of the case you’ll find a clip that secures your cards and money. The case also has a low profile hinge and recessed quick release clip. Like other iPhone cases, it also provides you easy access to all the necessary ports via very finely made cut-outs.

The Casellet Wallet Case will set you back $34.95. For that price you’ll get a pretty good case for your iPhone 4/4S that you can also use to place up to 5 credit cards and some paper bills (more paper bills can be accomodated with less cards). The case is available in white, pink and black.

Some Thoughts
If it were just a case, I will agree with Casellet that their product is a slim iPhone case. But then, there’s the other part of the case which serves as a wallet. And this doubles the case’s thickness. So, the bottom line is that if you don’t mind doubling the thickness of your iPhone 4/4S and you’re looking for a case that can hold both your iPhone and some paper bills and cards, then this iPhone case answer your needs.

You’ll appreciate the fact that the manufacturer of this case puts more emphasis on making a durable and truly protective case for your iPhone 4/4S. The wallet feature is just a bonus that you will either like or not. It would have been great if you could detach the part of the case that holds your iPhone and the part that holds your other stuff. But then, it’s rare that we can have the best of both worlds, right?

The Casellet Wallet Case is available online from the manufacturers site.

Product [Casellet Wallet Case]

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  • iPhone Owner

    Today I cracked my phone with this case. It slammed on concrete on the back. It is also very bulky. I would not recommend buying
    this case.

  • name surname

    can you please tell me where i can buy this case? i really need it. thank you.