Canadian Galaxy S III carriers agree to 50GB Dropbox promotion, U.S. consumers envious

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Previously it was announced that Verizon Wireless and AT&T would not go through with Samsung’s special Galaxy S III promotion that allows users to receive 50GB of free Dropbox storage space for two years.  Without justification from the carriers, many interested consumers were confused as to why this happened, but it looks like Canadians won’t suffer a similar fate.

Samsung recently confirmed to MobileSyrup that all of the Canadian carriers participating in the Galaxy S III launch will allow their devices to receive 50GB of free Dropbox storage space.  The first 2GB are permanent storage offered by every free account, and the 48GB promotional storage brings the total to a whopping 50GB.  As always, after the two years are up, the 48GB will magically disappear, but I imagine users will be warned ahead of time by Dropbox.

Despite the Galaxy S III being delayed by a week in Canada, the 50GB Dropbox storage space is at least something to ease the disappointment.

Via [MobileSyrup]

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