Photo on Picasa reportedly snapped by the Asus Nexus 7 Tablet

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Without an official announcement from Google or Asus on the matter, much has already been made of the rumored Nexus 7 tablet produced by Asus in collaboration with Google.  The official announcement is expected to come in a week at the annual Google I/O developer conference.  However, a recent photo uploaded to Picasa shows off details of a Nexus 7 tablet, courtesy of EXIF information.

In the screen shot above, you can see the camera is from Asus and the model name for the device is Nexus 7.  At this stage in the rumor mill, I can’t imagine it launching with a different name as Google wants to extend the Nexus brand into the tablet department.

At the Google I/O conference, we fully expect Google to announce the Nexus 7 tablet and hopefully we will hear more specific details in terms of cost and availability.

Via [Droid-Life]

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