MightyText for Android lets you send text messages from your computer, using your regular assigned number

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If you are using an Android smartphone and are someone who is a frequent texter and often in front of a computer (as opposed to your phone), there may be a new app that will be of use to you. The app is called MightyText and has come available by way of Google Play as of this morning. The app touts itself as being the “iMessage for Android” however while there are some similarities — this one does not seem to be exactly like iMessage. Not to mention, there is a bit more to set up prior to use. That aside though, MightyText for Android is available for free (both to download and also to use) and is currently sitting at version 2.90 with support for devices running Android 2.2 or later. Anyway, some of the features for MightyText include the following;

  • The ability to send SMS messages from your computer
  • Uses your current Android phone number
  • Provides instant notifications
  • Allows you to see who is calling…from your computer
  • Allows you to send text messages…even if your phone is not with you

So far this all sounds good, especially the part about it being free. Because really, being able to send text messages from your computer is one of those things that is so nice. But it is also one of those things that you never think you need — until you have it and then you will not want to give it up. Anyway, aside from installing the MightyText app on your phone, you will need to do some installing on your computer.

The MightyText set-up will work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even IE9. Each of the browsers require an extension or add-on or something. They each appear to have varying degrees of needs. For example, Chrome and Safari seem to be the easiest to set up. Regardless though, the MightyText website offers step-by-step directions for each. Finally, the directions as well as a link to the app (in Google Play) can be found using the ‘via’ link at the bottom of the post.

Via [MightyText] and [TechCrunch]

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