Review: iLuv MobiAir Android Phone Dock

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iLuv's MobiAir Android dock

iLuv Creative Technologies’ MobiAir Stereo Speaker Dock for Smartphones, which was unveiled at International CES in January and shipped in May, has two primary functions, one of which is considerably more useful than the other.

The MobiAir is Android-based dock to go with the numerous iPhone-only versions on the market, giving Android users a way to play their Pandora, Spotify or Google Music-derived music out loud, while also charging their device.

The unit is also quite small, with its portability another advantage. And the sound, while not quite professional-quality, is good enough.

Now, because Android smartphones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the MobiAir has to stretch to fit each phone in. That’s where iLuv’s patented OmniFit Technology come in. The technology features robotic arms that move and hold the phone in place, whether vertically or sideways, and line up the phone’s USB port whichever way it best fits.

I plugged in my wife’s Samsung Droid Charger and the fit was effective, if sort of clumsy. A smartphone looks sort of silly sitting on a dock sideways and held by robotic arms.

However, the MobiAir has a secret weapon- Bluetooth- that makes it quite valuable. I’ve used some very high-end smartphone docks that didn’t offer Bluetooth capability, but the MobiAir does, which is a great thing to have. I kept the MobiAir in my kitchen for weeks after unplugging the Android phone, and used the Bluetooth to play music straight from my iPhone while cooking dinner.

In all, it’s an excellent value of $119.99.

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