Microsoft Surface tablet pricing rumored to be “above” $599

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We remain a bit skeptical on this, however according to recent rumors — it is looking like the Surface tablets are not going to be all that inexpensive. The details, and the reason behind our skepticism, are coming by way of DigiTimes. That being said, according to their sources, the tablets are being outsourced to Pegatron Technology and they will come in with prices “above” $599. Of course, even DigiTimes notes that these prices as nothing more than estimates.

“The sources also estimated the end-market price of the Windows 8 Pro-based Surface tablet PC with Ivy Bridge processor to be at least above US$799, while the Windows RT-based model, featuring Nvidia’s Tegra 3, will be priced above US$599.”

As for us here at GadgeTell, these prices seem fairly close to what we would expect to see. Though, to make the almost required comparison to the iPad — in that case they are about $100 more expensive than they should be. And putting the iPad aside for a moment, $499 does seem like a good starting price for a bare-bones model.

Via [DigiTimes] and [unwiredview]

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