Satechi Portable Energy Station keeps your mobile devices fully charged while on the go

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Mobile accessories maker Satechi has released its Portable Energy Station. This powerful 10,000 mAh battery pack has a 1 amp and 2 amp USB port that will keep your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices fully charged even while you’re on the move. The battery pack can even charge a dead iPhone 4S up to 5 times. Since you’ll be bringing the device wherever you go, Satechi made the accessory lightweight (at 5.93oz.) and compact (at 5.5” long), so you won’t have a problem carrying it around. The Satechi Portable Energy Station features a rechargeable lithium ion and has a battery life indicator and auto off feature that tells you when you’re device is fully charged. The device also comes with USB charging cord and 6 connectors which are compatible with most mobile devices available in the market today. The Satechi Portable Energy Station will set you back $49.99. You can grab it from or from

Via [Satechi]

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