Pogoplug Family announced, launches with a free Pogoplug device offer

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The folks at Pogoplug have recently announced their latest offering, Pogoplug Family. This arrives as a service that is intended for families to use, as the name would imply. A bit more specifically though, Pogoplug Family will automatically back up all of the computers and mobile devices in your household. The backing up is done to a Pogoplug device and then will be accessible for everyone — and better yet, those files will then be available regardless if you are home or not. The Pogoplug Family service does come with a yearly subscription fee. That fee is $19.95. And for those who subscribe to Pogoplug Family before June 24th — you will get a Pogoplug for free. Finally, some of the features of Pogoplug Family include the following;

  • Continuously and automatically back up all of your computers (Windows or Mac) and iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ devices with one click – even outside of the home.
  • Create separate and private backup accounts for each of your family members.
  • Safeguard your files, photos, music and movies at home but access them from anywhere.
  • No storage limits; grow as you go by attaching larger or additional hard drives.
  • No PC needed.

Via [Pogoplug]

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  1. Are there any details on how to take advantage of this by the June 24th deadline? I don’t see a reference to this on Pogoplug’s website.

  2. Link at the bottom of the post will take you to Pogoplug website, not sure if they have updated their front page yet.

    Robert Nelson