Nokia Lumia devices may not be getting Windows Phone 8, but they are not dead just yet

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Some of the more exciting news from yesterday involved the Windows Phone 8 announcement. Of course, while exciting — the WP8 news was probably a bit harder for current Windows Phone devices to swallow. After all, it was said yesterday that none of the current Windows Phone devices will get an update to Windows Phone 8. In this case we are speaking specifically about the Lumia 800 and 900. After all, these are both relatively new devices and also relatively nice devices.

But on that note, while they may not be getting WP8, it does not look like they are dead just yet. In fact, we have seen some details that suggest both devices will be getting an update. And more important here, an update that will bring new features. Based on what we have seen thus far, the Lumia devices will be getting Windows Phone 7.8 which will bring goodies to include new Camera features, an updated Music app and Play To.

In addition, Nokia Maps will also get an update that brings improvements to Maps making it easier to upload photos and rate places as well as improvements to Transit and Drive. Finally, just to offer a bit more backing to these details, Stephen Elop stated;

“We have a lot of exciting capabilities coming as part of a pattern of updates for the existing Lumia products. This includes some of the most significant visual elements of WP8 – for example, the new start screen. As we have always been, Nokia is committed to delivering a long term experience to any purchasers of our products.”

Of course, time will tell just how well received the Lumia updates will be.

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