Rumor has is that the Microsoft Surface tablets will be Wi-Fi only

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Microsoft announced their Surface tablets at a special event a few days back, and while they offered enough for everyone to get a good look at the devices — they failed to offer everything. For example, we are still wondering some of the bigger items, you know, the pricing and the release times. Having missing information means only one thing — rumors. We saw some recent rumors regarding the pricing. And well, it looks like we are now seeing some unconfirmed reports dealing with the connectivity. These connectivity reports are coming by way of Bloomberg who have noted that the Surface tablets will be Wi-Fi only. The report is citing “two people familiar with the matter” and states that the tablet will “initially go on sale without a connection to mobile-phone networks.” We could argue either way here, but the thing is — we often hear that most tablets get used in the house. And well, the house generally has Wi-Fi. Of course, on the flip side, if Microsoft really wants to push these for business users and business use cases — we suspect that means workers will need constant connectivity and that means cellular. Our best guess, these will launch Wi-Fi only and assuming they are selling, we will then see a cellular model come available at a later date.

Via [Bloomberg]

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