Facebook adds “Find Friends Nearby” for mobile device users

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It appears as if Facebook has quietly launched a new feature for mobile users. One that will make it easier to see if any friends are nearby. Or alternatively, to see if you can find any new friends that happen to be nearby. The new feature is called “Find Friends Nearby” and it reportedly works with the Facebook apps on iOS and Android as well as for those visiting According to details coming from TechCrunch, this feature was developed by Facebook engineer Ryan Patterson during a hackathon. Patterson noted that for him;

“the ideal use case for this product is the one where when you’re out with a group of people whom you’ve recently met and want to stay in contact with. Facebook search might be effective, or sharing your vanity addresses or business cards, but this tool provides a really easy way to exchange contact information with multiple people with minimal friction.”

With that, those looking to check things out on their own can surf to the previously mentioned URL or by launching the iOS or Android app and navigating to Menu -> Apps -> Find Friends -> Other Tools -> Find Friends Nearby.

Via [Facebook] and [TechCrunch]

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