Samsung expected to sell 10 million Galaxy SIII phones by end of July

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Samsung Electronics, the South Korean electronics maker, is expected to sell 10 million units of their flagship mobile device ,the Galaxy S III by the end of July. They are seeing unexpected demand for the device, especially in the US, where the 32GB model has been delayed and the availability of the Sprint version of the phone was postponed. Samsung’s mobile division numbers are impressive, even through the European crisis, they still account for 73% of Samsung’s profits.

Samsung sold 44.5 million smartphones in January-March – equal to nearly 21,000 every hour – giving it 30.6 percent market share. Apple sold 35.1 million iPhones, taking 24.1 percent market share.

Samsung’s outlook is looking great and they will probably continue to see success and great numbers at least until Q3, where Apple will (tentatively) reveal the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5 as some are calling it, but which will probably just be named iPhone, following the back-to-basics trend set by the latest iPad.

Via [Reuters]

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