Steve Wozniak defends Kim DotCom in MegaUpload case

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Steve Wozniak, the often outspoken famed co-founder of Apple, has given a full email interview to Cnet, to clarify the controversioal picture that was floating around the internet (above) last week that shows him with Kim DotCom, the founder of MegaUpload, who is in a sea of legal issues after being arrested for criminal copyright infringement in New Zealand.

The Woz believes that the US government is in the wrong for persecuting Kim DotCom and MegaUpload because they were protected by the DCMA (or Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and that the company complied by removed reported links to copyrighted material

“When crimes occur through the mail, you don’t shut the post office down,” Wozniak wrote. “When governments dream up charges of ‘racketeering’ for a typical IT guy who is just operating a file-sharing service, or accuse him of mail fraud because he said he had removed files [to alleged infringing content] when he’d just removed the links to them, this is evidence of how poorly thought out the attempt to extradite him is. Prosecutors are attempting to take advantage of loopholes. Too bad for the U.S. government that DotCom lives in New Zealand, which is better on human rights.”

Steve also believes that by not the US government should allow MegaUpload to use frozen assets to pay for legal counsel, and that by not doing so will put Kim DotCom in a disadvantage.

“How unfair that the United States will allow him living expenses out of his frozen assets but not give him any legal fees. The side with access to the funds spends millions on lawyers hoping the other side goes bankrupt and gives in. Shame on the system that permits this one-sided advantage. Kim is well enough liked and respected that his legal team is working without up-front payment.”

To read the full interview, click on the Via link below. Also, what is your position in this whole MegaUpload and Kim DotCom debacle? What side are you on, the content makers or the downloaders?

Via [CNet]

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