Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and Android updated with fast conversation switching and more

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This is one of the rare moments when both iPhone and Android versions of an app have been updated, so better take advantage and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, you may or may not be using Facebook Messenger app at all so you can just ignore this post or read on because the new features of the app might convince you to start using the app. So, new with the updated Facebook Messenger for both iPhone and Android are quick switching between conversations, swipe-to-delete gesture that you can use for specific messages and the ability to see who among your Facebook friends are online before you start a conversation. In addition, the update will also bring in larger photos. This move was made to make the app in congruent with both the mobile and web version of Finally, the updated Facebook Messenger app also now has local notifications for chat updates. This in addition to read receipts and online buddy list has just transformed the app into a “real” instant messaging app, making the app worthy of competing against third-party apps with similar functionality. Will you download Facebook Messenger app now?

Via [The Verge]. [Google Play], [iTunes App Store]

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