Here is what the new Windows Phone 7.8 start screen will look like [Video]

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We had heard about Windows Phone 7.8 a short while back, and well, as of today we are being given a first look. The first look video has arrived by way of the official Windows Phone Blog and is showing the new start screen as running on a Lumia 900 smartphone. The video is fairly short coming in at slightly less than a minute and a half, but still manages to offer a decent look at how you can arrange the tiles. And perhaps more important for some, how you can now resize the tiles to be small, medium or large. We should mention that this video was recorded showing a “VERY early build” of Windows Phone 7.8 which means that there is some potential for things to change. And lastly, there was also further teasing of some new goodies for Lumia phone users in the form of “killer new apps” such as Audible, Words with Friends and Draw Something. Bottom line here, while the Lumia devices may not be getting WP8, it doesn’t seem like they are being ignored either.

Via [Windows Phone Blog]

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