Verizon no longer supporting the ‘My Verizon Data Widget’ on Android devices

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Those who often use the My Verizon Data Widget on an Android device may have already seen the news, however for those who had been considering using the widget and for those who have not checked it recently — Verizon has stopped supporting it. You can check out the screen capture below for the full message from Verizon, but the main point is as follows;

“As of June 25, 2012, the My Verizon Data Widget will no longer be supported.”

Our first thought here, this is a crappy time to stop supporting this widget considering Verizon is just about to make a serious push to get people off of the grandfathered-in-unlimited data plans. But on that note, it looks like an updated version will be coming shortly. In fact, Verizon also noted that they will sending a software update. Sadly though, no real timeline was given as to when that may arrive. Finally, in the meantime, you can always check your data usage by logging into your Verizon account using a browser.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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