Today is the last day to upgrade with Verizon and keep your unlimited data plan [Warning Post]

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Regardless of how you feel about the recently announced Share Everything plans from Verizon, they are coming tomorrow June 28th. That means that today will be the last day you can upgrade (paying the discounted upgrade rate) and keep your grandfathered-in unlimited data plan. As of tomorrow, you will still be able to keep your unlimited plan, however you will need to buy any new phones at full retail — something we expect only a small few to actually do.

And with the basic warning out of the way, we offer a bit of a silver lining — some may actually be able to save some money with these new plans. Take my account for example, I have a 1400 shared minute plan with unlimited text messaging. I have four smartphones on my account and also a tablet. Each of the smartphones are still on an unlimited data plan and the tablet is on the low 1GB for $20 per month plan. In my case, I will likely be able to save a few bucks each month. And sure, I may be giving up my unlimited data, but lets face it — my family rarely goes above 5-6GB per month for all four devices. Plus, with these new plans I will also have mobile hotspot on all four phones, something I currently only have on one.

Bottom line, it may be a trade-off for me, but I still think I will come out better in the long run. And on that note, I would encourage, if nothing else, a call to Verizon to discuss your specific options. Who knows, you may be better off switching.

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