Facebook underhandedly changes your default email address to

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In an attempt to draw more people to use an email address — which leads directly to your Facebook inbox — the social media website has underhandedly changed the default email address on millions of people’s Facebook page. You’d think they’d learn to, oh, I don’t know…communicate this change directly with their user base perhaps? And while this moderate transgression has, and will, continue to ruffle feathers all over the web,  the site’s manager of product communications, Meredith Chin, has cited “consistency” as the reasoning behind this change.

“We basically defaulted to show your Facebook address as we rolled this out, just to keep it consistent for everyone,” said Chin.

She went to state that Facebook would make a post if users are still confused by the new email address.

Luckily, the change has not hit every Facebook account just yet and is quite simple to adjust. Go to the “about” section of your page and click edit under “contact info.” For those of you who had an email addresses listed, you’ll now notice an additional @facebook address listed. Click on the “no” symbol and change the’s email preference to “hidden from timeline” as shown above. Please also make sure to take the time to adjust your other emails and have them shared with only the people you know.

Via [CNN Money]

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