New Amazon Kindle could be coming soon

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If you are considering buying a new Amazon Kindle device, the regular e-ink kind or the browser-toting color kind, you might want to reconsider, at least for a while. Cnet has learned (from a credible source) that Amazon is planning a launch event on July 31 to unveil a their new lineup of portable media consumption devices, and the new rumored devices are a new Kindle Fire (Fire 2?) and a revamp of Kindle Touch devices with built-in lighting, just like the Nook with glowlight.

The low-end tablet space is getting a bit crowded, which has ignited competition and kept prices down, and it might get even more crowded with the also Google’s own entry into the spacetablet, the Table Nexus, which is rumored to be launched next week. Competition amongst tech giants is always great, especially when they all seem focused on the very portable sub-10-inch screen device arena.

Via [CNet]

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