Polaroid intro’s the Z2300 instant digital camera, with integrated Zink printer technology

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Polaroid today introduced its latest instant digital camera, the Z2300. If there’s anything worth knowing about this digital snapper, that is the fact that it has an integrated printer using ZINK technology. This allows you to instantly take a photo, edit and then print what you’ve captured in full color, 2×3 prints – all in less than a minute. This digital camera also lets you choose printing options to apply to your photos including the classic Polaroid border logo or full bleed and contemporary 2×3 photos with sticky back. From the outside, the Z2300 sports a compact form factor in either white or black design. The camera weighs less than a pound and should easily fit in your pocket. Spec-wise, the Polaroid Z2300 seems pretty capable as well with its large 3-inch LCD display, 10MP image sensor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Polaroid Z2300 also lets you upload your photos to any socia media platform.

Other features of the Polaroid Z2300 digital camera include – on-board SD card, on-board editing suite, built-in speaker and video recording and playback. The Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera retails for $159.99. And for your printing needs, a 50-sheet pack of 2×3 Premium ZINK paper will set you back $24.99 while a 30-sheet pack will cost you $14.99. Both of these paper packs will be available for pre-order from

Via [Polaroid]

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