Google I/O 2012: Google+ app announced for tablets, both Android and iPad

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Coming out of Google I/O, we have a bit of good news for anyone that is a tablet user and lover of Google+. In short, Google announced a tablet version of the Google+ app for both Android tablets as well as the iPad. The Android app will be in Google Play a bit later today (as version 3.0) and the iPad app is noted as “coming soon.” Otherwise, Google notes that the app is not just a bigger version of the smartphone app. In fact, the tablet optimized version of Google+ will bring goodies to include;

  • A beautiful stream that styles content based on popularity, type and orientation
  • A “lean back” Hangouts experience that’s great for the couch or common room
  • Crisper text, fuller photos and easily-tappable actions like +1 and comment
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