MotionX-Sleep (for iOS) updated to version 3.0, brings new features to include PowerNap

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I suspect most smartphone users have a favorite app, or at the very least a group of favorite apps. In my case, I have a group of favorites based on specific needs and/or wants and while it would be hard pinning down one to choose as the top, I can pick the one that probably gets used most often — MotionX-Sleep. Aside from my irrational love of this app, in my case, this is an app that gets used all day and all night. You see, it features goodies such as step counting during the day and it serves as my alarm clock during the night. Of course, those are just a two of many features.

And looking to the App Store on my iPhone, the MotionX-Sleep app has been updated. This update brings the app up to version 3.0 and with a new version number — we have some new features. The new goodies include a Music/White Noise option, PowerNap, Multiple Alarms and new bar charts for multi-day sleep and steps graphs. In terms of the PowerNap mode and Multiple Alarms, these are further described as follows;

  • Music/white-noise option gently fades out after you’ve fallen asleep: set this up from the music button in the upper left of the record sleep page
  • PowerNap Mode: wakes you up after you’ve slept for the set duration
  • Multiple Alarms: for example setup different alarms for weekdays and weekends

Additionally, a tip — when using the MotionX-Sleep app you can press and hold on the 1 day / 7 day / 30 day button on the sleep or steps pages to jump to any date or date range.

Lastly, the MotionX-Sleep app requires iOS 4.2 or later for use and is currently priced at $0.99. Of course, those who previously purchase the app will get the update for free. And for those interested but not willing to spend the buck — pay attention to the site a bit later on because we are going to be giving some copies away — for free.

Via [iOS App Store]

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