Giveaway: Who wants a free copy of MotionX-Sleep for the iPhone?

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I have been a long-time user of the MotionX-Sleep app for the iPhone. In fact, I sort of professed my love for the app earlier this morning when I mentioned that version 3.0 had been released into the iOS App Store with new features. And for those who missed that bit, those new features included PowerNap, Multiple Alarms, a Music/White Noise option and more.

But more important here, at the bottom of that post I promised that we would be giving away a bunch of free copies. And well, here is your chance to get MotionX-Sleep for free.

The giveaway is simple, click this link, enter your email address and click the “Get your code” button. The one catch, these codes are only available for US App Store users. Sorry. Otherwise, we encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage. And for those who do — let us know what you think of the app. Hopefully you will find the app as useful as I do.

Via [Get MotionX-Sleep for free]

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