Recently resigned T-Mobile CEO goes to Vodafone

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Phillip Humm announced his resignation as T-Mobile USA CEO yesterday as he plans to go to Europe to join his family and take a job with Vodafone.  Jim Alling replaced Humm as the interim CEO.

Today, Vodafone announced that Humm will join the organization as a Chief Executive for the mobile company.  It’s sort of surprising to see a prominent figure for an American carrier jump ship so quickly, but I imagine such a deal must have been in place for a while now.  Humm will preside over the Northern and Central of Europe for Vodafone and will officially begin work on October 1, 2012.

Humm did his best to navigate T-Mobile through some tough times, especially in wake of the failed merger between AT&T.  It will be interesting to see what sort of changes Humm implements over on Vodafone in four months when he begins his new job.

Via [Vodafone Press Release]

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