Flickr lets us all know that they now have “all new up-to-date Maps”

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Coming as another little bit in the recent improvements that we are seeing with Flickr. This latest addition is dealing with maps. Speaking a bit more specifically, Flickr has announced that they have partnered with Nokia and now have “all new up-to-date Maps” on the site. According to details provided, Flickr is now using the map style and satellite images from Nokia which means that you will be able to see a “much greater level of detail and let you zoom in much further than before.” Furthermore, these new maps should assist in other things such as when geotagging your images, or when browsing around and viewing others images.

The new maps are already available for everyone and taking that a step further, Flickr has offered the promise that they will continue to work with the Open Street Map (OSM) community and “automatically provide OSM map tiles for areas where commercial maps don’t have full coverage.” Finally, just to recap some of the updates from the recent past, Flickr improved Groups and added a new Justified View, rolled-out a new “liquid” design, offered up two new images sizes and a new setting for Pro users and even got friendly with Pinterest.

Via [Flickr Blog]

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