Microsoft will make the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace available for 180 countries on launch date

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The Microsoft people are definitely up on their toes these days as they prepare for the launch of Windows Phone 8. To go along with the official launch of Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system is the availability of its marketplace for apps which is now being reported to become available in more than 180 countries at launch. Currently, the Windows Phone Marketplace is serving only 63 international markets.

Aside from this Microsoft is also bringing in some new features to the Marketplace. Specifically, there will now be the ability to make in-app purchases, allowing Windows Phone app developers to sell virtual goods and services aside from just their apps. Developers will be able to manage in-app purchases through a tool to be provided by Microsoft at its App Hub where apps are submitted for approval by Microsoft.

Additionally, Microsoft has also rebuilt the App Hub from the ground up – making it more scalable and robust with faster certification and improved publishing times, better reporting options and other enhancements. For enterprise users of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft built a new home called Company Hub geared for developers who specialize in developing apps specifically for use by enterprises. The list of 180 countries where the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace will become available can be found by following the via link below.

Via [Windows Stream Blog]

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