T-Mobile rumors point towards an August 8th launch date for the Samsung Galaxy Note

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Some new information, or should we say unconfirmed details, have come available regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note and T-Mobile. The latest arrives in the form of a leaked screen capture from the T-Mobile Frontline Planner. And in short, it is pointing towards an August 8th release date. The details are pretty vague at this point, and we have yet to hear anything from the carrier, but it does add a bit of detail in addition to those leaked press images which showed up not all that long ago. Bottom line, while we still need to hear something from T-Mobile or Samsung it is looking like a release is coming. In other words, if you are a T-Mobile customer and have an itch for a phablet, you may want to hold back from any new handset purchases for the moment.

Via [TmoNews]

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