Facebook reveals where all your missing emails went

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Facebook received a lot of negative press lately over how it implemented its new email system. Facebook’s methods ended up causing a lot of people to miss emails that they would have otherwise received. Facebook now says those emails aren’t lost. They’re just put in a place you probably never knew existed.

The short version is Facebook users were recently given a email address that showed up on their profile as their default email address. When the Facebook smartphone app synced contacts, it replaced every existing email address with a Facebook email address that corresponded with specific individuals. This led some people to send emails without knowing they were being redirected to Facebook. In some instances, the emails never made it to the main Facebook messages folder.

Facebook told ReadWriteWeb the missing emails are likely in a messages folder labeled “other”. You’ve probably never paid any attention to this option. It’s located on the left panel after clicking on messages.

Here is the rather confusing explanation Facebook spokesperson Meredith Chin gave to ReadWriteWeb.

“By default, messages from friends or friends of friends go into your Inbox. Everything else goes to your Other folder.” That is likely where the messages are being sent from other people’s emails. Even if that person is friends with them on Facebook, if the friend doesn’t have that email on their Facebook account, the message could end up in the Other folder.”

Did you catch all that? Good.

Facebook is actively trying to figure out how to address the syncing issue with their apps.

Via [ReadWriteWeb]


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