Sparrow for Mac update brings support for the Retina Display and more

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If you happen to be using Sparrow on a shiny new MacBook Pro with a Retina Display, you may want to grab the latest update. And just to clarify — this update does bring proper support for the Retina Display. Some other goodies that come along with this latest update include support for Mountain Lion and Notification Center along with the ability to Send & Archive in Quick Reply, always expand messages and always show the “i” section. Additionally, the remaining new features and bug fixes break down as follows;

New Features:

  • Fixed close/minimize/zoom button behavior
  • Enabling always show info will show info of the opened messages
  • Enabling always expand all will expand all messages

Bug Fix:

  • Growl Notification with Growl 1.3
  • Growl Notification for POP accounts
  • Memory consumption improvement

Lastly, this update brings Sparrow for Mac up to version 1.6.2 and so far, this release is available by way of the Sparrow website as opposed to the Mac App Store. Needless to say, we suspect it will also be available by way of the Mac App Store sooner rather than later.

Via [The Verge] and [9to5Mac]

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