Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III is available for $149.99 with Radio Shack

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At this point we are fairly certain that few people should be surprised to see a smartphone selling for less money with a third-party retailer as opposed to direct with the carrier, but at the same time — it is sort of refreshing to see more and more options available. For example, the Sprint capable Samsung Galaxy S III has recently been spotted with Radio Shack. And nicely done on the part of Radio Shack as they are selling it at a $50 discount. Simply put, if you had been considering a Sprint Galaxy S III as your next handset, you may want to shop Radio Shack as they have the device selling for $149.99. And just to spill the beans on the complete offer, that includes free next day FedEx shipping and the $10 Google Wallet credit. Lastly, this offer is available for new customers as well as current customers that are eligible for an upgrade.

Via [Radio Shack] and [unwired view]

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