Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Verizon on July 10

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We recently learned that AT&T will be releasing their version of the Samsung Galaxy S III on July 6. If you’re not a fan of AT&T and would rather get the handset from Verizon Wireless, well they just announced that the handset will be available four days after, on July 10. One of the selling point of Verizon’s Galaxy S III is of course the fact that it will have access to the carriers 4G LTE network which according to Verizon is already available in 304 markets across the US. So you are pretty much assured of continued fast internet connectivity with your Galaxy S III. Verizon is selling the device for $199.99 for the 16GB model and $249.99 for the 32GB variants. However, only the 16GB Galaxy S III will be available right away in stores and online on July 10. The 32GB model will be available online only on July 10 and in stores later on. Fortunately, both the Marble White and Pebble Blue designs will be available. So, it’s your choice folks. Get the Samsung Galaxy S III from AT&T on July 6 or from Verizon on July 10.

Via [Verizon]

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