Google temporarily halts Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ handset sales for those in the US

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Those in the US who had been interested in picking up an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play Store have some waiting to do. As of this time, Google has temporarily halted sales of the handset with the store listing simply showing a “coming soon” page for the device. The listing is still showing the handset with a $349 purchase price, however it does not offer any estimated date as to when it may begin shipping. That said though, the listing has apparently been updated and it looks like future shipments will have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean loaded upon arrival on your doorstep. Otherwise, while not officially confirmed, the halt of the sales does appear to stem from the recent injunction that was granted to Apple (against Samsung). And on that front, Google is reportedly working on a patch that will take care of the issues and we hope to see the Galaxy Nexus begin selling fairly soon.

Via [Google Play] and [The Verge]

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