Sony LiveView smart watch gets paired with an iPhone, interesting, but not quite ready for prime time

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We tend to think of the Sony LiveView smartwatch as something made for Android. And truth be told, the watch is officially only available with support for Android smartphones. That said, it looks like that may be changing for some. We recently discovered this video being shared on Twitter, it comes from @AriX and it shows the iPhone being paired with the watch. While fascinating and interesting to see, there are some catches. First, the current functionality is limited. Of course, that will likely change by the time this makes it past the still-in-development and beta stage. Which brings us to the next, once available this will end up being released by way of Cydia. Nothing surprising on that front as we could not imagine this making it past Apple, but still a decision that will keep many from using it. Anyway, the video is a bit over 3 minutes in length and shows off some of what is currently supported and some of what will be supported. Bottom line here, if you are rocking an iPhone and are interested in having that paired with a smartwatch, this may be a viable option in the future.

Via [Twitter @AriX]

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  • melanie stewart

    what is the program you are using on your iphone to get the sony smartwatch to work with the iphone

  • sami

    i have the same quistion, got that sony smart watch with android before shifting to iphone 5 , now its useless watch till i can make it work with iphone, hoping to.

  • Cyril lastimosa

    I have same question i got live view watch but my phone is iphone, wat application you are using ? Thank you

  • Rahul kumria

    Have the same question please let us know which app your using