Amazon reportedly ordered 2 million Kindle Fire 2s to launch on August 7

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With the Nexus 7 setting its sight squarely on the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon looks to bolster its lineup of tablets by introducing the Kindle Fire 2.  At this point, we heard of a late July announcement for the unannounced Kindle Fire 2, and a new report claims it will launch on August 7.

The report coming from China Times details how Amazon already ordered 2 million Kindle Fire 2s to be produced for mass distribution.  Not many specs and features of the Kindle Fire 2 is known at this time, but it will retain the same 7 inch screen with an upgraded resolution to 1280 x 720.  If the Kindle Fire 2 is indeed ready to launch on August 7, then I imagine Amazon will make it official in a couple of weeks, perhaps when the Nexus 7 begins shipping.

Via [UnwiredView]

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