The Nifty MiniDrive may be the next Kickstarter that I choose to back [Making good use of your MacBook SD card slot]

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While we can understand that some will choose to not back any of the Kickstarter projects, it is hard to deny that some of them are rather interesting looking. Me personally, I am not against backing, but do limit my participation. Up until this point I have backed two, the Pebble and a movie project. The Pebble was on the expensive side and the movie project was on the cheap side, $5. In other words, like I said — limited participation. But on that note, I think I have found the third project that I am going to back.

The project is called the Nifty MiniDrive and at present the lowest pledge amount (to secure the item) is $30. But before we get full on into price and rewards, lets cover what the Nifty MiniDrive actually is. The MiniDrive is a small SD card that is designed for the MacBook, both the Air and the Pro. The nice part here, the MiniDrive was designed in a way that it will sit flush (as opposed to the way a regular SD card will stick out). This means that you can insert that SD card and consider it semi-permanent which means that it will be a nice option for backing up. Or alternatively, a nice option for storing larger items such as an iTunes library or movie files that you don’t want and/or need taking up space on your installed drive. That is my take anyway, here is how the Kickstarter defines the device;

“The Nifty MiniDrive is an easy to use device that allows anyone to quickly and simply increase the available memory in their MacBook computer, as well as providing a set and forget back-up solution.”

Otherwise, at present, the Nifty MiniDrive has 645 backers and has raised a total to $22,688 (out of $11,000). Yup, they have already reached the goal and on top of that, they still have 27 days remaining to raise some additional money. The $30 pledge will get you a MiniDrive (in your choice of color) along with free shipping to North America or Europe. And of course, those looking for more can opt for a higher pledge level.

Finally, while this all sounds neat and interesting — there is probably one thing you are curious about — the amount of storage. Well, you see, that will be left up to you as the Nifty MiniDrive is just a card holder. The user will be able to add their own amount and the MiniDrive will support microSD cards up to 64GB in size.

With that, watch the included video and check out the images and then if interested or simply looking for more information — make sure to follow the Kickstarter link at the bottom of the post.

Via [Kickstarter] and [Cult of Mac]

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