CyanogenMod already looking towards Jelly Bean and what will arrive as CM10

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While some are still using CM7 and some are lucky enough to have a device capable of running CM9, it looks like the folks at CyanogenMod have already begun looking towards Jelly Bean and what will arrive as CM10. Of course, the looking towards comment should be taken somewhat seriously because as of now there is no current ETA available for CM10. Seriously, none. But that aside, the team has recently offered up some details on what will be happening and what users can expect to see, in what we would presume to be the coming months.

We should also make it clear, the work on CM10 has yet to even begin. In fact, the posting noted that they do not have their hands on the source code for Jelly Bean just yet. But to make things seem slightly better, they are not anticipating that ‘Project Butter’ will be any real trouble to merge. There was also mention that if your device met the requirements for CM9, it “should” be in line for support of CM10.

Otherwise, it looks like once we see a stable CM9 release, the team will drop the main focus and primarily work towards maintaining CM7 and CM10. After all, as they pointed out, all CM9 capable devices should support CM10. And lets face it, we suspect that anyone running CyanogenMod would want to keep up with whatever the latest version is and be happy to pass CM9 for CM10.

Bottom line here, there sounds like quite a bit to still figure out and still work out. Nonetheless, as a CyanogenMod user myself (CM9 on the TouchPad), it is nice to see that the process of getting Jelly Bean out is at least in the works.

Via [CyanogenMod on Google+]

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