RapidShare announces RapidDrive Beta, arrives as cloud storage with Windows users in mind

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It looks like yet another cloud service has launched, though this one is not exactly an an offering designed to compete with the likes of Dropbox. The latest is from RapidShare and is called RapidDrive. Or more specifically, RapidDrive Beta. The service is described as being “a new file management tool” and will integrate “seamlessly” with Windows. And by that, it looks like RapidDrive Beta will be managed using the Windows Explorer. That alone should make it a nice offering for those super comfortable with Windows, or for those in business who simply want to integrate something familiar into their workplace to avoid additional employee training. Another perk of the Windows Explorer integration means that users will be able to manage and upload files directly from other programs (such as Word and Excel). In terms of getting access and beginning to use the RapidDrive Beta, this has been made available for RapidPro customers and it will work with Windows XP, Vista and 7. It was noted that versions for other operating systems are planned, however a timeframe for the release was not offered. On the flip side though, a final non-beta release of RapidDrive for Windows is expected to be available sometime in the early parts of September.

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