Sony Xperia acro S makes the required FCC appearence, looks to be AT&T friendly

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It is looking like the potential for a US release of the Sony Xperia acro S has arrived. And notice how we say potential as opposed to coming because so far — we have yet to hear from any of the carriers. Or for that matter, from Sony. What we can tell you about this filing is that the Xperia acro S has been spotted and it is showing some friendliness towards AT&T. Otherwise, as we have already seen the handset make its debut elsewhere, we know some of the other specs include a 4.3-inch display and certification against the elements. You know, the whole water- and dust-proof certification. That said, we will be sure to keep everyone up to date should we come across an announcement from either AT&T or Sony.

Via [FCC] and [Engadget]

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