The BlackBerry App World has now served up more than 3 billion downloads

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While many seem to have written the BlackBerry off as a has been, it seems things are still chugging along. In fact, the folks over at the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog have offered up some stats in terms of the BlackBerry App World. And leading off the numbers, the App World has recently served up the 3 billionth download. Yup, 3 billion.

And while that may not be in the same league as the iOS App Store or Google Play, it is still a respectable number. The downloads were noted as coming from a mix of BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets. More to the point here, a 3 billion download level means that the App World is now averaging around 2.5 million downloads each day.

Some of the other numbers offered include how the App World took 786 days to reach 1 billion. From that point the App World climbed to 2 billion in another 210 days and to 3 billion in another 176 days. Simply put, the downloads are speeding up considerably. Otherwise, the BlackBerry App World is now home to more than 28,000 vendors and has 90,000 plus applications available for sale.

Via [RIM] and [SlashGear]

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